Vetements by London Tailor

About Us

VETEMENTS BY LondonTailor is a Bespoke fashion brand with a confidence touch. Taking you through our strength of creativity, The Details!

We boldly combine quality fabrics and decent color coordination with customers’ characteristics measurements and specifications to create a style that is deemed timeless. Our outfits are now made with high fashion skills to create clothing that relaxes through the shoulder and armhole suitable for both genders. We deliver conservative and continental styles to our clients’ convenience with no disappointment.

We are here to blow your minds with a combination of distinct styles, simple and refined, and cool and flirtatious apparel. Perfectly tailored for you and designed to complement and enhance your body. Our priority is fashion, we are ahead and knowledgeable about fashion trends, and we are DETAILed. However, it’ll be our pleasure to passionately bring your self-confidence out with all we can create with quality fabrics. The Details were made in Ibadan.


Our mission is to provide exceptional bespoke fashion that combines creativity, quality, and attention to detail. We work closely with our customers to create clothing that is tailored to their unique characteristics and specifications, resulting in timeless and comfortable styles that suit both genders. We are committed to delivering conservative and continental styles that exceed our clients’ expectations with no room for disappointment.


Our vision is to be a leading bespoke fashion brand that is recognized for our distinct and innovative styles, superior quality, and exceptional customer service. We aim to continuously push the boundaries of fashion while remaining knowledgeable and ahead of the latest trends. We prioritize attention to detail and a commitment to using only the highest quality fabrics. Our ultimate goal is to passionately bring out our customers’ self-confidence through our clothing creations.